• TOP 5 - can't stand in my future husband

    hey guys 

    I hope you're all well 

    the weather is great it's Maaaaayyyy *_* summer is coming 

    and my exams too , I'm 2 weeks away from final exams 

    it will be the 18th and 19th may 

    I'm preparing hardly for it 

    so today I'll be doing a part 2 of ideal types 


    this time I won't be talking about the things that I want from someone but about the things that I can't stand in someone and that are just impossible for me to date that person if he has only one of those

    so I made a list that is not that long

    actually talking about what I don't  want is easier that talking about what I want caus' I have a really large choice

    also it's a given that he's muslim caus' if not the question doesn't even need to be asked 

    so :

    1- smoking : 

    I reallyyy HATE immediatly someone if he smokes 

    he can be the perfect human being 

    if he smokes 

    NOOO he just drops in levels in my heart immediatly

    I don't want to be poisoned for the rest of my life 

    2- selfish :

    I think this one is obvious 

    if you're a couple you take care of each other 

    so if the person thinks of herself before anybody and just does her life as if you don't exist 

    I mean ... what's the point of getting married if you're gonna just do your life alone and just think of yourself ?

    3- Immature

    4- irresponsible

    5- can't keep a secret 

    I will do the explanation next time 

    Inchallah :D

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    Vendredi 6 Mai 2016 à 20:56

    Je trouve ça bien que tous ton blog soit en anglais

      • Mercredi 11 Mai 2016 à 18:11

        thank you ^^

        actually it depends 

        I'm not bragging but I feel more comfortable with english :p 

        and other days I write in french 

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